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Tools for extracting dents using the PDR method

Tools for extracting dents using the PDR method

Body dent removal using the PDR method - what is it and why should you use it?

Have you been involved in a collision? It was raining hail and your car was not under cover and suffered damage? Or maybe you missed a small pillar when reversing? If your car has dents, it's worth considering a method for removing them. The PDR method, or Paintless Dent Removal, is known as a non-invasive dent removal method and it is the most common and a very good choice. It allows for the effective removal of dents without damaging the paintwork. It is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to remove them. In this article, we will focus on the dent removal method, discussing the tools that are used in it - puller PDR, PDR bridge and inertia hammer. If you are also interested in the method of pushing out dents - please read the following article.

It is also important to buy quality tools. In our range you will find tools from the Super PDR brand, which are robust and will serve you for a long time..

I have a dent! What now! - Take a look at our first article, in which we tell you what PDR is, who it is for and what dents you can take out with it.

Dent removal technique using a PDR puller

PDR puller is a tool that consists of two supports, a head with an adapter clip and a handle. It is one of the simpler and often chosen tools for removing bodywork dents.
At the outset, it is worth pointing out that the puller is designed to work on flat surfaces so that the pressure force on the legs spreads evenly. We do not recommend using the puller on any curves such as a roof pillar. In these areas we suggest using inertia hammer, about which we write later in this article.

How do I repair damage to the bodywork with a puller?

To remove the dent, attach the plastic adapter (mushroom tab) to the cleaned and degreased bodywork with a hot glue and wait a few minutes until the glue has set well. Then insert the adapter into the puller head and, using the handle, make pulsating movements until the dent is straightened out. The legs of the puller should rest stably on the car body - for this you can adjust the length of the head. If the mushroom tabs peels off, the operation can be repeated until a satisfactory result is achieved. To remove the adhesive, use specialised solvent by help of scraper safe for the paintwork.

The Puller is the perfect tool for removing small dents from car bodies. Use it for damage to the roof, doors or bonnet..

When to use a PDR bridge to pull out body dents?

PDR bridge is a tool consisting of two bases and a sliding head. It is well suited to repairing small to medium-sized dents. It can be used to remove dents that are slightly larger than those removed by puller, as it has a wider foot spacing, but is more time-consuming to work with. Special adapters for the bridge are included, as well as a tip that is compatible with all other mushroom tabs from our range. The tool should be used on flat surfaces to provide good and even support for the feet.

How to use the PDR bridge correctly when removing dents?

First of all, the area of the bodywork you want to work with should be well cleaned. Using special adhesive glue an adapter to fit the size and shape of the recess. If you choose a threaded mushroom tab, it should be screwed onto the bridge, waiting a while after gluing the mushroom to the sheet metal so that the glue has time to set well. You can also use the universal tip and use any mushroom tab from our kits. You will then need to select and glue the adaptor using hot melt glue, and then place it in the holder on the head once it has dried. Once the mushroom tab has been secured in the bridge, turn the knob sensitively pulling the head upwards, monitoring the effect of the dent repair. As with any adhesive method, it should be removed with a special solvent.

In what situations is it worth using an inertia hammer to remove dents?

For the removal of medium-sized body dents, the most commonly used is an inertia hammer. It is the most versatile tool and will cope with most dents. It should be handled with care so that the sheet metal is not pulled out too far when pulling out the dent. When pulling out a larger dent, we suggest that you pull it out gradually, starting from the edges and working your way slowly towards the centre of the dent..

How do you use an inertia hammer to repair a car body?

With the adhesive method, the work always starts with the same step, i.e. thorough cleaning of the bodywork. For gluing the adapters use a specialised PDR hot melt glue. After applying, wait a moment for the adhesive to harden. Match the adapters in size and shape to the dent you are pulling out and if it's a larger dent, start by pulling the sheet metal from the edges and work your way towards the centre gradually removing the dent. In this way, you will get rid of the bumps to the most precise degree.
Once the mushrooms have been glued, place them into the hammer head. Hold the hammer by the 'T' shaped handle with one hand and grab the moving part of the handle with the other. Strike the moving part against the stop at the top as if you were trying to pull it vigorously towards you. Adjust the force and speed of the blows to the depth of the indentation. If the adapter becomes loose, repeat the process from the beginning until you are satisfied with the results. Remove the remaining glue with specialised solvent.

What else will be useful when extracting dents with PDR tools?

To make your work as efficient as possible and to achieve maximum effect, it is worth reaching for additional accessories. Here we will list those that we believe are essential.

Is the option to purchase the entire PDR kit worthwhile?

Buying a one-off multi-piece tool set for body dent removal will save you money and provide you with everything you need for professional work. The PDR set is perfect for a beginner who doesn't have many tools yet or for someone who would like to complete their workshop.
The PDR set includes branded Super PDR tools, which are of high quality and durability. If you opt for the large set, you will have the tools for complete removal of small dents and medium-sized dents from the car body.
Thanks to the availability of a set of tips of different sizes, you can match the adapters for various dents, and solvent included allows adhesive remnants to be be removed safely from the paintwork.

In summary, the multi-piece dent removal kit contains everything you need to get started with PDR. It is worth investing in an original PDR kit, because a reliable one will last a long time.

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